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✓ Do you own a sports store or distribution company?
✓ Are you looking for a sports brand that offers great support & reliable service?
✓ Do you prefer pure quality products that stand out in smart innovation?

Apply now for a Cádomotus dealership!

Send us an email to request an opportunity to strengthen our dealer network. Please include the following information in your email:

  • Your business description: area of expertise, scope of your business. What other speed skating or cycling products and brands do you sell or represent?
  • How is your sales organized, you sell to shops, to coaches, direct to consumer, or different?
  • What products in specific you are interested in buying from us?
  • How large is the market for our products in your region or country (in terms of money or quantities)?
  • What marketing activities are you planning to organize in order to inform your customers about Cádomotus and our products?
  • The name of your company, address, tel no., mobile no.
Also notice that our company policy is that your first order should be a minimum of €2.500, this is to protect our Authorized dealers and distributors from consumers acting as a retailer in order to buy in bulk for their own family or friends. This first order must include products from different categories in the catalog, not just inline wheels for example. Cádomotus is a brand with a variety of gear like speed skates, bags, helmets, and racewear. We want our dealers and distributors to present us like that.
You can pay via bank wire transfer, credit card, PayPal, or many other options that we offer.
We offer shipping with UPS against good rates, but you can always choose to arrange pickup by your own forwarder.
We offer an industry-standard profit to our resellers with the option for extra discounts.
These discounts depend on several facts such as your forecasted sales or annual turnover and your business plan including marketing activities how to promote our products. Please inform us when you have any business plan or sales forecast so we can consider to reward you with higher discounts.
We look forward to your email containing all the necessary information.